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Does FireMed Have Accreditation?

In accordance with the General Safety Regulation Section 3 of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, employers must obtain the services of accredited training providers.

FireMed Consulting Pty Ltd holds the Department of Labour Certificate Number CI 522/3/12/1 and MerSETA Accreditation Number 17/QA/ACC/1475/18 and has applied to the Department of Higher Education to be registered as a private training college.

Please See Our Accreditation Documents.

Why Use FireMed?

Our Vision

Our Mission

FireMed is proudly owned and managed by former and current professionals from Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Services and Occupational Health & Safety departments.

We are all experienced veterans and offer training, consultation related service based on “in the field, hands-on experience”.

We know first hand “what works” and “what doesn’t”.

FireMed will become the leading supplier of Training & Consulting within Southern Africa for all products and services relating to First Responders. We ensure to remain current and compliant, both within our own company and beyond into the community with the latest evidence-based research and skills, equipment and training methods.

Our services and products will ensure that we bring pride to the industry, empower first responders with a sense of competence and trust in their skills and equipment based on the Philosophy of “Train Hard- Work easy”.

FireMed will become a name and a brand synonymous for being built of skills, experience and ongoing professional development.

Providing Training, Consultancy and Equipment to serve and empower the Lowveld community to save lives, protect the environment and prevent or mitigate property damage from fire, accidents, man-made and natural disasters and unexpected illness.

We will bring a level of professionalism throughout the Southern African region that has not yet been offered to the community at large.

What Our Clients Say

“Learnt a lot more on this course than on any of my previous courses. Will refer people to FireMed."
FireMed Consulting Pty Ltd
“Very “learner friendly” – best training equipment we’ve ever used."
FireMed Consulting Pty Ltd
“Would love to see more courses explained so thoroughly as this one. Would definitely recommend to F.G.A.S.A and other guides that need refresher courses.”
FireMed Consulting Pty Ltd

Our Training

What Training Does FireMed Offer?

First Aid /CPR Training Courses

This unit standard is for persons required to assess the emergency situation and providing basic Life Support and Basic First Aid in order to stabilize patients prior to transfer to the emergency services.

People credited with this unit standard are able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of emergency scene management
  • Demonstrate an understanding of elementary anatomy and physiology
  • Assess an emergency situation
  • Apply First Aid procedures to the life-threatening situation
  • Treat common injuries

DURATION: 2 Days/16 Hours
SAQA ID: 119567
VALIDITY: Two (2) Years

This Unit Standard will be useful for employees to enable them to provide primary emergency care (first aid) in response to an occupational risk induced or any health emergency in their specific workplaces.

Qualifying learners are able to:

  • Demonstrate the principles of primary emergency care.
  • Assess and control a single injury emergency scene in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate primary emergency life support for adults, children and infants.
  • Explain and manage shock.
  • Carry out a secondary assessment of the sick or injured person and provide appropriate primary emergency care at the scene.
  • Keep records of the incident/accident. 

This unit standard covers the recognition and management of the following range of emergencies for adults, children and infants according to current and accepted emergency care protocols and principles:

  • Emergency scene management.
  • Rescue breathing, CPR and choking for adults, children and infants.
  • Shock.
  • Bleeding and wounds.
  • Neck and spine immobilization and transportation.
  • Fractures and dislocations.
  • Burns.
  • Thermal stress.
  • Poisoning.
  • Medical emergencies.

DURATION: 4 Days/32 Hours
SAQA ID: 120496
NQF Level: 02
VALIDITY: Two (2) Years

Our First Aid Fundamentals course is a streamlined course, facilitated over 8 hours and designed for the learner who is limited for time.

Although it is unaccredited (due to the 8 hour time allocation) it’s a powerful course covering a variety of lifesaving skills a First Responder needs in their arsenal.

Naturally, we have included training on Automated External Defibrillators and some of the newer skills such as Wound Packing and Combat Application Tourniquets.  

We keep classes small to ensure learners get ample time with the facilitators and equipment.

The course content will include the following subjects:

  • Principles of First Aid
  • Scene Safety & Emergency Actions
  • CPR – Adult
  • AED’s – Automated External Defibrillators
  • Choking
  • Wounds & Bleeding
  • Fractures & Splinting
  • Burns
  • Bites & Stings
  • Heat Emergencies

DURATION: 1 Day/8 Hours
VALIDITY: Two (2) Years

First Aid Testimonials

“4th time I renewed my first aid, and this was by far the most useful and best one of all.”
FireMed Consulting Pty Ltd
“Het die kursus leersaam gevind. Sal dit aanbeveel vir enige iemand”.
FireMed Consulting Pty Ltd
Muriel Esterhuyse
Very good comprehensive course, very stimulating course."
FireMed Consulting Pty Ltd
CJ Oosthuizen
Firefighting Training Courses

A learner credited with this unit standard will be capable of identifying, containing, preventing and extinguishing different types of fires by operating basic fire fighting equipment.

The qualifying learner will be capable of:

  • Identifying different types of fires.
  • Explaining and practice fire prevention.
  • Operating basic firefighting equipment.
  • Perform basic firefighting procedures. 

DURATION: 1 Day/8 Hours
SAQA ID: 252250
VALIDITY: Two (2) Years

Qualifying learners can select and use the appropriate fire fighting equipment to extinguish or control fires in the workplace.

The qualifying learner will be capable of:

  • Identifying different types of fires.
  • Explaining and practice fire prevention.
  • Operating basic firefighting equipment.
  • Perform basic firefighting procedures.
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Fire Team members
  • Understand & demonstrate skills to store, deploy & effectively utilize the equipment
    Understanding Firefighting Tactics
    Understand Fire Ground Hazards
  • Identify and understand the various equipment available.
    *Forcible Entry Tools
    *Lay Flat Hoses & Connections
    *Water Pumps  

DURATION: 2 Days/16 Hours
SAQA ID: 12484
VALIDITY: Two (2) Years

This site-specific course will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding The Law
  • Safety On The Fire Ground
  • Fire Ground Knowledge
  • Team Dynamics
  • Fire Ground Command

DURATION: 1 Day/6 Hours
VALIDITY: Two (2) Years

Health & Safety Courses

Corona Virus impacting your Business?

On the 15th March 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa, implemented the countries Disaster Act in respect of the Corona 2019 Pandemic. This has far reaching impacts to each and every business across South Africa. Many company owners and managers don’t know much about the CoVid-19 illness apart from what they have read on the internet and social media.

In response to the CoVid-19 outbreak, and in conjunction with the Occupational Safety and Health Act, Managers and Companies now have added accountabilities to train staff, implement additional Health and Safety Policies and take all reasonable measures to keep their staff and workplace free from hazards.

FireMed has developed a 2-3-hour workshop for staff and managers alike providing evidence-based training material coupled up with practical workplace solutions to the CoVid-19 effect on companies, businesses and individuals. Training alleviates fear and instills confidence.

HIRA Course

Identify Potential Hazards & Critical Safety Issues In The Workplace

Qualifying learners are able to describe safety, health and environmental issues and relate them to a specific work context.

Course overview will include:

  • Obligations - Legal, Financial & Ethical
  • Implementing a Health & Safety System
  • Responsibilities of Employers & Employees

DURATION: 1 Day/8 Hours
SAQA ID: 13167
VALIDITY: Two (2) Years

SHE-Rep Course

Demonstrate knowledge & understanding of relevant current occupational health and safety legislation.

Learners found competent in this unit standard will be able to explain the basic principles of relevant current health and safety legislation and the consequences of non-compliance. 

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of the relevant legislation. 
  • Explain the requirements for compliance as stipulated in the current legislation.
  • Determine the management controls required under legislation to achieve compliance.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of record-keeping required by the legislation. 
  • Explain the legal obligations of the employer in terms of training and communication. 

DURATION: 2 Day/16 Hours
SAQA ID: 120344
VALIDITY: Two (2) Years

FireMed Specialized Courses
  • Gunshot Wounds & Explosive Course
  • Bush-Med Course
  • Bleed-Med Course
  • Basic 4×4 Driving Techniques
Gunshot Wounds & Explosive Course

Gunshot Wounds & Explosive Course is presented in 4.5hours & is aimed at First Responders who can provide patients with the initial care with knowledge, skills and confidence.

This training module is designed to augment candidates with existing first aid knowledge and provides realistic reviews of the initial care and intervention.  Training is adapted to the most recent best evidence-based research and provides candidates with knowledge, skills and confidence.

Our course covers a variety of topics including

  • Understanding Basic Ballistics
  • Gunshot Wounds to the Head, Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis and Limbs
  • Bleeding control
  • Use of the Combat Application Tourniquet
  • Wound Packing and Homeostatic dressings.
  • Explosive Injury Wound Patterns
  • Initial Approach to the Explosive Injury Patients
  • Essential First Responder Equipment

Duration:  4.5 hours
Price per student: R450.00
Certificate Issued: Yes
Validity: Two (2) Years

Bush-Med Course

FireMed has customized the Bush-Med Module to provide knowledge, skills and understanding to identify and seek care for the tropical, environmental and bites, stings and envenomation health risks.

First Aid training does not suitably address some of the medical challenges for persons spending frequent periods in the bush. (E.g. Malaria, Bilhazia & Cholera).

Persons spending time in the outdoors and bushveld are exposed to a variety of tropical diseases such as Malaria, Tick Bite Fever and Bilharzia. Additionally environmental exposure such as heat stroke, frost bite and sunburn can easily be encountered. The outdoors and wilderness brings added challenges such as bites and stings. With many of these bushveld and outdoor medical risks, early identification, early diagnosis and early medical intervention are paramount to providing the required definitive care.

Duration: 2 Days/16 hours
Price Per Student: R1225.00
Certified issued: Yes
Validity: 2 Years
Entrance Requirement: Preferably First Aid Qualified

Target Audience: Tour Guide Operators, Game Rangers, Field Guides, Security/ Military and Policing members, Community and Farm Watch members, Anti-Poaching Members, Designated First Aiders.

Bleed-Med Course

Evidence shows that a significant number of deaths is caused by severe uncontrolled bleeding after injury.

Evidence gathered over the last thirty years has indicated that many deaths due to severe bleeding may have been prevented with the right knowledge, equipment and skills in the field.

Completion of this short course can transform you from a witness to an effective First Responder.

Our course covers a variety of topics including:

  • Wound types
  • Types of blood loss
  • Consequence of blood loss ( Hypovolemic Shock)
  • Direct pressure
  • How to pack a wound to control bleeding.
  • Hemostatic dressings (Quick-Clot, Celox)
  • Correct use of tourniquets.

Duration: 4 hours
Price Per Student: R600.00
Certificate Issued: Yes
Validity: Two (2) Years
Entrance Requirement: None

Target Audience: Tour Guide Operators, Game Rangers, Field Guides, Security/ Military and Policing members, Community and Farm Watch

Basic 4x4 Driving Techniques

This course covers theory and practical sessions, giving you the confidence and skill to drive your 4×4 vehicle off-road. It is ideal for novice drivers wanting to learn the capabilities, features and limitations of their vehicles.

Please Note: Participants need to provide their own registered and roadworthy four-wheel-drive vehicle for this experience.

This course covers theory and practical sessions, giving you the confidence and skill to drive your 4x4 vehicle off-road.

Course content cover:

  • Terminologies.
  • The basic layout of a 4X4
  • Under bonnet checks
  • In-cab and Controls
  • 4x4 Driving Techniques.
  • Ascending and descending steep gradients.
  • Wading.
  • Driving in soft sand.
  • Rough rocky tracks.
  • Ground clearance.
  • Rutted and existing tracks.
  • Negotiating “V” shaped gully.
  • Crossing ridges and ditches.
  • Traversing slopes.
  • Do’s and Dont's
  • Washing and getting ready to get back on the road.

Theory Duration: Approximately 2-3 Hours
Practical: Balance of the Day.

Price Per Student: R850.00
Certificate Issued: Yes
Validity: Two (2) Years
Entrance Requirement: None

Consulting Services

Health & Safety Planning

At FireMed, we can assist you building effective HSE into your companies’ infrastructure.

Health & Safety Files

A Health and Safety File, otherwise known as a ‘Contractor Safety File’ is a record of information focusing on the management of health and safety on construction sites for contractors and sub-contractors.

Risk Assessments

Allow FireMed to visit your company, review your scope of work and identify where your risks lie.

Risk Control & Mitigation

Once your company’s risks are identified, we work with you to find effective solutions to control and mitigate the risk.

Emergency Response Planning

When incidents and accidents occur, an effective plan needs to be activated. This plan streamlines your company’s response and thereby control and mitigate the effects.

Integrated Management System

Integrated Management System (IMS) integrates ISO18001 & ISO 14000 and other applicable regulations into streamlined, effective management systems. 


Event Management

If you are organizing or hosting an event, the chances are that your obligations fall under the relevant SANBS standard detailing the relevant Health and Safety Requirements you are required to implement.

Get In Touch

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